Baden Engineering & Manufacturing

The Brief
The Baden Engineering and Manufacturing team has over 70 years combined experience in Toolmaking, General Engineering, Fabrication and production machining. With this vast experience we are able to manufacture, design or reverse engineer products from sample, hand sketch or complex cad drawings. Baden Engineering offers an Engineers analysis and report’s service.

Baden Engineering engaged Vilis Power Solutions for a renewable energy solution that would lower their increasing electricity costs. Their annual site consumption of 100MWh and their annual spend on electricity was $30,000.

The Challenge
Baden Engineering actually had a very high tariff, paying .33cents per kWh.

The Solution
Vilis Power Solutions worked with the client and established that a 40kW system would work best for their company. While installing the new solar system we renegotiated a new PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the retailer. Baden Engineering now have a tariff of .21cents per kWh.

The Outcome
After installing the solar system Baden Engineering have now reduced their annual electricity cost to $9,468, which is an overall saving of $20,531.

A return of investment (ROI) per annum of 56.2% and have a payback of 1.8 years.