Solar Billing

Giving clients the opportunity to sell their power.

What is solar billing?

A product designed by Vilis Power Solutions which enables solar system owners to on-sell the electricity that their solar system generates.

What is an embedded network?

An electrical system that supplies an entire building with electricity, rather than the occupants having individual supply contracts. This means that the building owners take ownership of the electrical infrastructure behind the meter and can on-sell the electricity. Vilis Power Solutions recognises that a truly sustainable model of renewable energy is best achieved by implementing a sustainable economic model that not only generates renewable power for our clients but also re-engineers their assets’ energy delivery system through embedded networks. For clients with multi-tenancy assets, embedded networks present an opportunity to boost passive income, be competitive in the rental market attracting and retaining quality tenants, as well as offering cheaper electricity prices. With an embedded network and tenant billing system in place, a Vilis Power Solutions renewable energy system is not only environmentally sustainable but is based on a strong economic model, that also provides tenants the opportunity to share in both the environmental and the economic benefit of a renewable energy system.

What is a solar PPA?

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a negotiated financial agreement between an electricity provider ie electricity retailer and the solar system owner. It can also be between a Solar company ie Viis Power Solutions and building owner who on-sells the electricity to the tenants of the building via sub-metering. Roof top solar provides a unique opportunity to property owners who can now benefit from installing solar and billing their tenants for the solar power they consume. This is achieved through smart meters and cloud-based billing systems. The Solar PPA system is used when the solar system is feeding into a single property or tenancy. The tenant will receive two electricity bills one from the Landlord and the other from Synergy the sum of which will be equal to or less than their previous electricity bill before the Solar PPA was implemented. Landlords can expect a 25% return annually on their investment.

What is tenant billing?

Is a cloud based billing platform that independently measures tenant electricity consumption through smart meters. The billing platform allows building owners to automatically monitor, track and send individual electricity accounts to their tenants. Tenant billing provides a unique investment opportunity affording owners the opportunity to leverage the capital investment of a renewable energy generation asset and create passive income for decades to come. By commissioning the services of Vilis Power Solutions, property owners take a significant step on the path to energy independence for their commercial property asset. By also installing an embedded network and instigating tenant billing, owners are typically able to pay off the capital investment of a renewable energy system in only 3 years, after which they have created a strong passive income stream for themselves that actually makes their project more commercially, environmentally and socially attractive to current and potential tenants. Vilis Power Solutions renewable energy systems are designed to maximise the return on investment over a 10 – 25 year timeline. Most of our systems average a return on investment (ROI) of 20% to 30% on today’s current energy prices over 10 years, with returns on investment likely to significantly exceed 30% per annum beyond a 10-year timeline.

What is renewable energy consultancy?

Is the ability of a Vilis Power Solutions specialist to assess your current requirements for the implementation of renewable power solutions for your business, home or project. The team at Vilis Power Solutions have a high level of experience across all facets of renewable energy provision to commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Vilis Power Solutions can provide advice in navigating regulatory requirements in the renewable energy sphere and, for those projects that may require a higher degree of social license to operate such as wind power installations, Vilis Power Solutions are also well equipped to provide experienced assistance with community engagement. Vilis Power Solutions understands how important it is to provide both short and long-term strategies utilising the complete range of existing renewable energy solutions, as well as understanding emerging technologies and developments in the renewable energy sphere and how they can best augment existing installations. Vilis Power Solutions are continually analysing and monitoring future trends in the structure of the energy markets within which our clients operate and in state and federal energy policy to ensure that our clients are positioned to maximise future opportunities and optimise their assets’ return on investment.


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