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Why Choose Solar

Why Choose Solar

• Protection from increasing energy prices: Installing a solar system on your roof will give you peace of mind that even though the price of electricity may increase, your solar system will significantly reduce or potentially eliminate your electricity account.

Government Incentives: The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme creates a financial incentive for individuals to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems such as solar panel systems. Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) can be created following the installation of an eligible system, and are calculated by the amount of electricity a system produces or displaces. Eg: 1kW = 19.34 STCs. If you were to install a 6.5kW system you would be entitled to 126 STCs (19.34 x 6.5)

Guaranteed return on investment: From day one you will start saving money on your electricity account. Depending on the size of your system you can expect to pay off your system in approximately 2.5 to 6 years.

Increased value to your home: Everyone needs some form of power in their home. If the cost of using electricity can be reduced or eliminated by installing a solar system, people will view your home more favourably when it is for sale which will drive the value up.

Be environmentally friendly: Installing a solar power system helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces your dependence on fossil fuel. Your solar system will generate electricity straight from the sun which means that you will draw less electricity from the grid.

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