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residential solar

Residential Solar

Now is the perfect time to install a solar system on your roof. With the sun continually shining and electricity prices on the increase it is an investment you should seriously consider.

VPS is passionate about reducing your energy footprint through renewable energy and believe there is no greater power than what is generated by the sun. We are adamant that we have a solution for every household and every budget. VPS have multiple packages to choose from but are also able to create custom packages to suit your personal needs.

Founder, Neal Gibson has many years’ experience working in the solar industry and even more experience in the sales and marketing industry. His extensive research and experience has taught him many things but in particular Neal understands how important customer service is. By choosing VPS as your solar installer you will become part of their growing family. This means you can be assured that you are installing a quality system on your roof.

What does Vilis actually mean? Translating from Latin it means inexpensive or low cost. VPS was created because the solar market has been flooded with companies who just want to put solar on your roof, for the cheapest possible price and walk away. VPS is so much more than that. VPS prides itself by looking at your whole picture, what do you want to gain from putting solar panels on your roof? VPS look at long term strategies such as reducing your electricity account, educating you on how to further reduce your energy footprint, as well as creating a passive income.

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Our Mission

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Use less, Make your own, Create wealth. This is our strategy!

Our vision

CREATE MASSIVE WEALTH - By using the gift of sunlight and innovation. Providing our clients with solution that gives 10 times the $ value they paid.