Vilis Power Solutions - Solar and battery power aleternatives. Solar investment and management specialists throughout Australia. Solar Billing - Are you a business owner, investment property owner or just lookin for your next successful investment? Earn passive income from your solar investment for the next 25 years at 30% Roi.
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Solar Billing

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Earn Passive income from you solar investment!


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The next step in solar energy innovation. More than solar panels, saving power and saving the environment.

Commercial solutions

Commercial property Investment opportunity; your solar solution working for you!.

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Not for Profit.


Vilis Power Solutions is an energy efficiency company customizing hybrid electricity systems. Whether you are a business, NGO or home owner, energy independence is a game changing advantage and is essential in the 21st century. VPS understands how important it is to team up with the right companies, providing short & long term strategies utilising Solar, Battery, Wind, Management Systems, and Embedded Networks.

Virtually every project VPS has completed achieved over a 50% reduction in grid power usage and a 25% ROI for its customers.

Our vision: “To see solar and renewable energy systems on every building in Australia” is central to how we design our solar and renewable energy systems. Energy independence, preserving the environment can only be achieved by implementing a sustainable economic model that makes our clients’ money (enquire about Solar Billing and Embedded Networks). VPS’ strategy is not to offer savings but rather providing a package that makes our clients’ money. Every solar and renewable energy system is an opportunity to create passive income and long term wealth.

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VILIS Services


(What are your goals?) Every electricity consumer is unique in their location and operations. Our team of expert consultants has a proven track record of achieving a 50% savings and find the most effective solution for you.


Our Strategy? Use less electricity? Or create your own? We will customize hybrid packages that do both.
From concept to completion, satisfaction guaranteed!.


We provide turnkey solutions.


Solar Billing

Innovative opportunity for those looking for their next successful investment!
Get the sun working for you!


What happens after your installation? What we can do for you in the future:
1 Maintenance, 2 Power tracking and management, 3 Power broker, 4 Finance


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